Following  with what Grabiele Simonetta ( said on his previous article, my part on this workshop organized by Im-Arch ((, was to "bring to the table" a series of food models using the photogrammetry technique in order to aquire them. I'm a self-taught 3d artist and I have been working and developing my skills on photogrammetry for almost two years. This specific technique can give you amazing models with an incredible detail, and that was what kept me motivated and wanting to go further with this. The software used for these reconstructions was 3DF Zephyr.

This challenge was presented to me by Fabio D’Agnano and Gilda Lombardi and during the three day workshop I was meant to give some basic notions on photogrammetry, how to capture, light and process food models. I've done it in tandem with Fabio Pisano (chef) and since he finished cooking one plate, we let it rest and chill and then started photographing it. Thank you to all Im-Arch people (Jason Bergeron, Alessandro Cannavà, Fabio D’Agnano, Carlos Faustino, Enea Le Fons, Gilda Lombardi, Jeff Mottle, Nick Moutafis, Paola Perozzo, Fabio Pisano, Serena Ruffato, Gabriele Simonetta, Michela Tonelli).

Here, I'm going to show you my workflow on the processing part (after capturing the photos) using as an example, a dish Fabio Pisano cook in Talamone.

First we import the photos with or without masks and try to build a sparse cloud, showing us the first step of alignment of all our photos.

From there we move towards our dense point cloud and mesh creation.

We then project the texture and export the raw mesh from 3DF Zephyr.

After this, we import the raw mesh in order to optimize and clean it.

Finishing this process we, then, get the model retopologised and ready to use on any 3d environment after doing some baking with the textures.

After this part, Gabriele Simonetta and Alessandro Cannavà created the final step and shaders for final render made in 3DS Max and Corona Renderer.

This model is available to download for free as well as other three models via my sketchfab profile: 

Here the Final Images:




Food Photogrammetry: Carlos Faustino
Final Images: Gabriele Simonetta and Alessandro Cannavà
Post Production: Alessandro Cannavà

And here, all models showed in the final image are available for download from treddi page (made in 3ds Max and Corona Render)

Carlos Faustino