Hi everyone!

First of all I want to thank the Treddi.com staff for asking me to write the following Making Of.

Let me introduce myself since, despite I’ve been a member of this community for years, I’ve been often missing its forum: my name’s Orlando Amelia and I’ve been exploring the CGI universe since 1998.

In these years I have been experiencing many softwares, but now my working tools are mainly Cinema 4D, V-Ray, ZBrush, Photoshop and After Effects.

Below I’m going to show you, broadly, the making of the short video titled “Good Morning”.

This project has an unusual genesis: it starts as a modeling, UV mapping, texturing and shading challenge during a long period of working inactivity. I had been working for more than a year on very simple projects which  were not enough challenging for me. So, I suddenly decided to have some fun with modeling, and my attention was immediately captured by the interesting ensemble of objects, rather common in any office, just in front of me.


Everything very simple in terms of modeling but overall interesting: somehow I saw the potential. I modeled just some items of the above mentioned ensemble of objects, designed some textures in Photoshop, created the shaders and finally set up some lights and a limbo for the rendering tests.




I rarely worked for office furnishing in the past, so I thought that I could have enlarged my portfolio using what I had just modeled and creating new images in my spare time. Then, I started creating other objects: the Mac Pro, the Apple Thunderbolt Display, the Magic Mouse and the Apple Keyboard. First necessary step to reproduce an item, obvious to say, is finding references allowing an accurate realization, as detailed as possible.



After modeling, texturing and shading, I did some renderings to test the final result of these objects.