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Interviews - Grafica 3D

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Mario Baldi | Character Artist

First thing first: what's your name and role and what's your educational path?So, I'm Mario Baldi, and I'm a Character Artist.I would say that I hadn't a classic training as an artist: as a kid I was a real geek, really passionate about sci-fi and comic books and I always wanted to become an illustr...

Interview with Sergio Mereces

Sergio Mereces is well known young portoguese CG Artist. His latest work shows us an animation that gives life to a previous award winning project: Gardening House. We met Sergio in order to know his opinion about the potential of Unreal Engine, and, more in general, of what awaits the world of arch... - Interview with Sebastiano D'Aprile

1- What were the circumstances that allowed you to pursuit your American Dream?   In 2010, right after graduating in Multimedia and Arts, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Turin, I won a full scholarship called Master dei Talenti Neolaureati, sponsored by Fondazione CRT. The scholarship...

Interview with Fabio Santoro, intrigued from Fabio Santoro’s high level quality production, is pleased to introduce You, an italian artist who, after a training in Italian vfx Direct2Brain, decided to improve his career crossing the English Channel and start working at London Squint/Opera.  Years after Fabio enriched...