Xfrog inc. releases Xfrog 5.3 for Maya 2015 and C4D R16. Xfrog procedural is a software that allows the creation (with growth) of plants and flowers.
Xfrog 5.3 for Maya 2015:
Among the new features of this release are instances of individual components of Xfrog objects using multiplication, as Branch, Phyllotaxis, Hydra, and Variation. The resulting child instances are modified individually. Ability to edit every single petal
For more info: http://xfrog.com/sup...-5-manual-2.pdf
Xfrog 5.3 for Cinema4D R16:
Includes several bug fixes, including improved performance by 20% by increasing the speed over Xfrog 4.4 as well as full compatibility with current versions of Cinema 4D.
For more info: http://xfrog.com/product/XA-06.html
Finally, as a long time, are released 148 new species of plants and flowers free to download. For more information and downloads: http://xfrog.com/cat...014 Autumn Sale