R3DS release WrapX (previously Wrap). "With WrapX you can create your custom recipe for scan processing and apply that recipe to any number of scans. The recipe can be fully automated or it can ask user to provide some data like select control points etc."
New features:
  • Python API
  • Integrated Development Environment for quick scripting that contains a set of visual tools and dialogs for interaction with the user
  • Better compatibility. Supports OpenGL 2.1 and higher, works on most graphics cards
  • Includes a set of example scenarios
  • Enhanced non-rigid registration, that can handle bigger basemeshes
  • Control points can be placed very precisely, even inside a polygon
  • Works with larger scans, up to several millions of polygons
  • Mesh subdivision
  • Mesh projection
For more info: http://www.russian3d...php?topic=358.0