Released Unity 5.1 program for the creation of video games and applications in real-time.

Among the new features of this release we are.

  • New multiplayer networking feature introduced.
  • New network components and NetworkBehaviour base class for network aware scripts:
  • New NetworkManager to control and configure multiplayer games:
  • Added integrated support for Oculus Rift in Editor and Standalone Players
  • New HDR Color Picker
  • Graphics: Crunch texture compression format on platforms which support DXT.
  • Graphics: Experimental support for OpenGL 4.5 and ES 3.1 on Windows. Note: no GL4 support on Mac or Linux yet.
  • New runtime assertion library under UnityEngine.Assertions namespace. The library provides a set of methods for setting assertions in your code.
  • Unity Analytics: new, built-in Analytics functionality introduced (currently in “Preview”), under the UnityEngine.Analytics namespace.

and more!

For info: