The softhouse PlanetSide release Terragen 3.2 software for the real creation of world and terrain. The release of Terragen 3.2 marks our second free update for Terragen 3 users. This release focused largely on improvements to existing features and render quality improvements, but it also brings several exciting new capabilities, as well as the usual bug fixes and minor tweaks.  Find out more below.
Significant changes include:
  • Stereoscopic camera, including stereo+spherical for Oculus Rift, etc.
  • Fisheye lens option
  • New Glass Shader
  • "Taper top and base" parameter on Cloud Layer V2
  • New function nodes
  • Geog (GIS) data handling improvements, including multi-file load
  • Node palette search functionality
  • Lots of bug fixes and optimizations, including improved render quality in certain situations, faster voronoi calculation, etc.
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