Andersson Technologies rilascia SynthEyes 1411, blasonato software per il camera tracking.
Tra le novità di questo update troviamo:
  • Major new temporary offset workflow, made possible by an animated offset-enable button.
  • Tracker size, aspect, and search-size are now animated, with channels in the graph editor.
  • Animatable per-tracker reference crosshairs, show/hide with shift-+ and an entry on the View menus.
  • Constrained-points view now sortable by name or error; click on header.
  • Timebar shows frames with a secondary key but no position key as a gray triangle.
  • Channel names are underlined in the graph editor if keyed on the current frame.
  • Offset channels are now linear by default to avoid surprises.
  • Tracker panel's New+ button changed somewhat, no longer turns on offset enable automatically.
  • RED support updated to RED SDK 5.1 (Dragon Enhanced blacks, Lift/Gamma/Gain metadata).
  • 3D and 2D After Effects exporters updated to start CC 2014 by default.
  • Can run Synthia .sia scripts from Scripts menu, keyboard accelerators, toolbars.
  • Various Sizzle/SyPy/Synthia changes and additions to accommodate the newly-animated channels.
  • Sizzle/SyPy/Synthia: is-checked and current-option queries modified to work on appropriate buttons, not just checkboxes or dropdowns.
  • Sizzle/SyPy/Synthia: Bugfix so .KeyType's work right.
  • SyPy: fix in SelectedTrackers() call.
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