Andersson Technologies release the version 1409 of SynthEyes camera tracking software.
more news:
  • Cliffhanger mode to prevent auto-shutoff of trackers hanging onto the edge of the image. Button and item on camera view's right-click menu. Turns on automatically when you re-enable an automatically-disabled tracker, or turn it on manually.
  • Non-planar trackers now have a per-tracker channel select, same as planar trackers.
  • Added "Auto only" option for tracker cleanup, made it the default (per original intent).
  • "Play" button graphic updated, changes direction based on current playback direction.
  • "Selection is locked" status shown on status line from camera/3D/perspective views.
  • New preference for default world size. The world size of the immediately prior camera/object is used when new cameras or objects are created.
  • New preference to suppress messages about flushing the shot cache (image input section).
  • 3dsmax export script sets tracker colors (see also the fbx exporter for 3dsmax).
  • About 50 new rules for Synthia, based on cloud feedback.
  • Survey shot and cliffhanger status accessible from Synthia.
  • New tracker.cliffhanger attribute in Sizzle.
  • Tweak to OS X Quicktime exporter so that Movie Inspector recognizes SynthEyes-written 23.976 fps clips as such.
  • Bug fix to eliminate secondary ambient light source. Changed default ambient to match original (single) default ambient.

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