Allegorithmic rilascia Substance Painter 1.5 noto programma per il 3D paint in real-time.

Tra le novità troviamo (Release note)

Fixed :

  • [Project] If the meshes pivo t's are different in the FBX, the meshes get exploded upon import
  • [Substance] Substances used in projection tools are locked in 256*256
  • [Layers] Crash when using clear mask
  • [Export] Incorrect gamma conversion on very dark textures
  • Export] Position map can only be used in export presets as a grayscale map
  • [Tool] Geometry decal start color is black when used on a mask
  • [Tool] Rotation shortcut doesn't work if there is no hardness in the alpha
Added :
  • [Shader] Add line number in Shader compiling error messages
  • [Shelf] Improve thumbnails previews quality
  • [Shelf] Automate thumbnail generation for Smart Materials
  • [Tool] Shortcut to control hardness setting in the substance
  • [Tool] Use grayscale widget for geometry decal when over a mask
  • [Tool] Shortcut to invert paint color while painting on a grayscale map
  • [Viewport] Allow to display the wireframe and change its color
  • [Viewport] Blur the environment background
  • [Controls] Add rotation to brush mouse shorcuts
  • [Export] Export to Sketchfab
  • [Export] Create export presets for renderers
  • [Export] Add converted map Reflection, F0 and 1/IOR
  • [UI] Add Welcome screen
  • [UI] Update default layout
  • [UI] Add missing tooltips and rename some menu entry
  • [Layers] Export currently selected mask as bitmap
  • [Layers] Add "invert mask" action in the right-click menu


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