Subburb a rilasciato SolidRocks v1.6.5 for 3ds Max 9 - 2015, eccellente plugin per un uso veloce e semplice di V-ray engine render.
Tra i cambiamenti trovati in questa versione troviamo:
- Adds support for Max 2015
- Adds support for V-Ray v3.x
- Adds new presets: SolidRocks rendering quality has been improved
- The RENDER button is now keyboard mappable
- Adds an alert when not using the SR render button
- Better management of 'from scene' color mapping
- Adds interoperability with Rebusfarm
- Automatic Update alert system on startup
- Progressive rendering now follows the quality slider
- SolidRocks now starts faster
- Improved management of V-Ray 3.x goodies options
- FlyWiz: adds 'save for farm' button on Flythrough wizard step 3
- FlyWiz: adds button to auto-adjust frames to current animation range
- Fixes the PNG library I/O error and EXR errors when using the V-Ray framebuffer
- Fixes the resolution change bug when choosing ultra quality
- Fixes an error in Irradiance Map subdivs calculation
- Fixes an error in desired DE subdivs
- Fixes a bad gamma issue with V-Ray RT CPU
- Fixes a bug with the gamma and post buttons
- Hide IM and LC passes are no longer inverted
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