Raylight launched a crowdfunding campaign to help the development of their renowed XrayUnwrap 2.0  for 3ds Max and Maya with new exciting features.

Designed specifically as a plug-in for 3ds Max and Maya, Xrayunwrap provides the user unprecedented improvements in speed, ease of use and real-time options, all to help increase the pipeline work speed. 

Xrayunwrap 1.6, the automatic UV unwrapping plug-in, is already available and appreciated by many professional 3D artists and companies.

XrayUnwrap 2.0 will improve over with several new features as follows: 

4000 euro Goal

- XrayUnwrap 2.0 for 3ds Max 2016 and Maya 2016;

- Redefined interface;

- Checker Textures + set tiling options: different types of checkers to verify the       unwrapping and tiling 

option management;

- Align/Sort islands to arrange islands horizontally or vertically;

-  UV simmetry: Reflects or flips either 1 side of a island to the other side or average booth sides so that they 

are in any case identical;

- Overlapping: overlaps in the same position of the map, islands with the same shape;

- Multi unwrap channels UDIM (UV offset system);

6000 euro Goal

- Enhanced packing islands: together with the classic bounding box arrangements, we will add an enhanced 

packing algorithm to islands shape.

9000 Euro Goal

Xrayunwrap 2.0 for Maya on Linux;

12000 Euro Goal

Xrayunwrap 2.0 for Maya on Osx.

More info on: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/xrayunwrap2-0-quicker-auto-unwrapping-solution#/story