Itoo software release RailClone 2.3.3 a parametric plugin for 3dsMax (compatible with 3DS Max 2015) that allows cloning of objects and the like in a fluid and simple way.
Release notes:
  • Added support for Max 2015.
  • Conform to Surfaces.
  • Lets to conform the geometry to surface, following the Z axis of the RailClone object.
  • New type of object: Surface. Used to assign the surface object.
  • Added Surface slot to Linear and Array generators.
  • New Segment Parameter: "Deform>Align Y with Surface". Applicable only to L1S Generator, align the segment's Y axis with the surface's normal.
  • Added Fixed Size for Segment and Transform nodes. If greater than zero, fixes the size of a segment.
  • Added checkbox to enable "Fixed Size" in Transform operator.
  • Added Corner>Bevel Corner for Linear and A2S Generators.
  • Added Generator>Rules>Corner>BC Offset. Lets you to adjust the position of the Bevel Corner.
  • Added scale mode to the Fixed Size feature in Segment and Transform nodes.
  • Added Corner segment for Array Generators (Inner Corner slot).
  • Added Corner>"Fillet Radius" and "Align to Path" properties to A2S Generator.
  • Random node can use its own seed. If disabled, uses the global seed value.
  • Improved instancing efficiency when using stepped segments.
  • Added support of Vertex Alpha, and Vertex Illumination channels.
  • "Display>Adaptative>Degrade to" changed to "Boxes" as default mode.
  • Improved VRay render performance on many core machines.
  • Added Evenly>Reverse for all generators.
  • Display>Adaptative mode may degrade to Boxes or Pointscloud (default value). This selector is global for all RC objects.
  • Improved behaviour of A2S Generator>Evenly segments on Free mode.
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For more info, please you see: http://forum.itoosof...hp?topic=2258.0
For download the version Lite: