AMD ha rilasciato Radeon ProRender 3.0 per Blender, l'ultimo aggiornamento dell'edizione Blender del suo renderer GPU gratuito e fisicamente accurato.

L'aggiornamento aggiunge il supporto per il ray tracing con accelerazione hardware sulle nuove GPU della serie Radeon RX 6000 di AMD, una nuova opzione di rendering dei contorni per rendering non fotorealistici e il supporto UDIM.

Direttamente dal sito ufficiale ecco la lista delle novità più intreressanti introdotte con questa nuova versione:

  • The new plug-in version incorporates version 2.0 of our Radeon™ ProRender system and brings about these significant changes and enhancements:
    • Hardware-accelerated ray tracing on AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 series GPUs
    • Better scaling across multiple devices: the use of two or more GPUs gives a better performance improvement with Radeon ProRender 2.0 than with Radeon ProRender 1.0 in most cases.
    • Less noise for a given number of render samples. Using the same number of samples as with Radeon ProRender 1.0 may be slower in some scenes, but noise will be significantly lower.
    • RPR 2.0 is the default render mode called “Full”. Users who wish to use RPR 1.0 can set the render quality mode to “Legacy”.
  • A new setting for texture cache has been added. The specified folder will cache textures for rendering, and can be cleaned up by the user if it becomes too large.
  • A new setting called “Contour Rendering” allows non-photorealistic outline style renders.
  • A setting has been added to allow “Motion Blur only in the Velocity AOV” in the Motion Blur settings. Enabling this setting means that all AOVs will not have motion blur, but the Velocity AOV will contain motion blur information to allow compositing of post-process motion blur.
  • Support for UDIM based tiled image textures has been added.

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