Quixel annuncia la disponibilità di Quixel Suite 2.3, la nuova versione del suo Scan based PBR painting tool integrato in Photoshop.

Nuovi materiali scansionati (legno, metallo, tessuto, plastica, pietra, sporcizia e molto altro), oltre 100 correzioni, supporto completo CC 2017, supporto per schermi a 4K e HDPI, integrazione migliorata con Megascans, dynamask editor e molto altro.

L'update può essere scaricato da questo link: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/…/Quixel_SUITE_2.3_Patch…

La lista completa dei cambiamenti è riportata qui sotto:

- Added support to import multiple Megascans simultaneously.
- Fixed issues with multiple meshgroups not re-importing textures correctly
- Updated Quixel Colors to latest version
- Fixed bug where some workflows (UE4 (RMA) etc.) did not automatically set the FlipNormalY checkbox
- Exporter: always defaults to \flats as the output folder unless changed
- Exporter: fixed some anomalies with the UI
- Fixed bug where Megascans materials weren't showing thumbnails in DDO layer stack
- Allowed Re-importer and Base Creator windows to also accept PSB files as input
- Added "Normal" Material Blend mode to the DDO dropdowns.
- Fixed bug where Custom Material Creator would not load default (expected) camera/post-process settings in 3DO
- NDO: Fixed bug where NDO conversion would rename user PSD to BaseMaterial [Normal].psd in a temp folder
- Fixed bug where UE4 (RMA Packed) export preset would not correctly export AO in the reflection map.
- Added Fallout 4 export preset
- Fixed bug with Material Creator where Specular was being treated as a grayscale map, causing issues
- Fixed bugs with Megascans Import feature, where changing the default save location wasn't highlighting the correct material in the UI
- Material Updates: several new materials added across all categories; Decay materials are now replaced/moved to the Metal folder,
- Added option to enable/disable import optimizations when loading a mesh
- Mesh importer updated to latest version
- Fixed re-importer issues with multiple mesh groups
- Reimporter now populates map links for multiple mesh groups.
- Reimporter color ID map for multiple mesh groups now works.
- Reimporter now correctly converts PSD files to PSB when switching from lower resolutions to > 8k (and vice versa; converting back to PSD from PSB)
- Updated Exporter to force 32-bits for Arnold linear preset
- Removed redundant option in DDO menu to re-import Mesh (as this can now be done through the re-importer window)
- Fixed bug where the Mesh Import process would run twice in some scenarios
- Fixed bug with Material Browser hiding indefinitely if Create button is pressed on an Empty (Custom) category
- Fixed bug with Dynamask window where ID Brightness tab value wasn't being stored and retrieved correctly from the project XML
- Fixed bug with grayscale maps exported with minute graininess in them (due to conversion to RGB)
- Updated Dota2 export preset
- Renamed LoL export preset to "Hand-painted"
- Added Instant Light PBR Renderer export preset
- DDO Projection Creation: Removed prompt to re-enter project resolution if no inputs are provided, which was ignoring the setting already provided
- Fixed bug where AlbedoM was not propagating correctly to 3DO in 3D paint mode
- Fixed bug where SUITE updater window wasn't launching automatically on new version
- Updated SUITE UI to correctly scale on HDPI resolutions
- Fixed "Learn" URL on Updater window
- Improved compatibility logic for automatic XML updates for when new Photoshop Versions are launched
- Fixed bug where RMA packed UE4 exporter generates wrong AO in blue channel (from other mesh group)

- Fixed symmetry painting for x/y planes for the fourth quadrant
- Fixed issue with metalness default value not being set in some cases
- Fixed minimum brush size not being respected with pen pressure, when setting in the options
- Fixed maximize issues after moving title-bar in fullscreen mode
- Added GGX checkbox to toggle GGX at runtime
- Fixed bump map intensity lower than normal
- Fixed default settings for bakers (when creating new project)
- Fixed general UI scaling
- Fixed bug where clicking on post processing would trigger resizing
- Fixed bug where painting would stop completely if Symmetry painting was enabled
- Fixed bug where Repeating a paint stroke wasn't functioning correctly with Symmetry painting
- Fixed bug where the distance threshold for latching on a mesh for viewport rotation/zooming was inconsistent with respect to mesh sizes.
- Added support for latched rotation/zooming with Primitive meshes as well
- Fixed bug where brush sizes were inconsistent with respect to mesh sizes
- Fixed inconsistencies with Wireframe mode; color picker was affecting both wireframe and painting color simultaneously, wireframe mode toggling was buggy etc.
- Updated 3DO UI icons to have better Anti-aliasing
- Improved Wireframe shaders performance
- Fixed gloss preview shader to show correct value
- Separated Metalness and Roughness maps for 3DO to be able to show variations such as Metalness and Gloss
- Fixed bug where maps that were NOT being painted on in color paint mode Fullbright shaders would show black.
- Fixed bug where entering light values in input field and pressing Enter would update UI but not update lighting
- Fixed bug where AmbientIntensity was not being saved as part of postProcess preset values
- 3DO window can now be resized from any side
- Updated all multimap map shaders to properly calculate Gamma/Linear values when lerping in paint mode
- Updated PBR shader to correctly calculate values for each component (Gamma/Linear corrections)
- Increased the range for Proximity Tolerance Slider in paint mode to allow more flexibility
- Brush sizes are now relative to the mesh; this should avoid cases where brush would stay small on larger meshes
- Brushes now have tool tips (names)
- Brushes can now be added to favorites
- Updated to latest version of Unity and OpenGL
- Viewport: Added mouse icons to indicate when camera is close enough to latch to 3d points on the mesh for rotation/scaling etc.
- Fixed rendering inconsistency issues with 3D painting shaders
- Fixed issues with other map shaders going black in color paint mode
- Fix Roughness not matching expected values
- Updated UI to be scalable for HDPI resolutions
- Added new "Favourites" tab for paint brushes
- Baker: Fixed issues with AO/Curvature not baking the first tile sometimes
- Added auto-save UI settings feature in 3DO (last used settings remain persistent across sessions)

Per qualsiasi informazione sulla Quixel suite comunque vi rimandiamo su: http://quixel.se/suite/