Facebook ha recentemente aggiornato Quill alla versione 1.4.

Ricordiamo che Quill è un software per il painting e l'animazione in VR che funziona con Oculus Rift e i suoi controller e questo aggiornamento si focalizza sopratutto sui tool di animazione.

Le novità della versione 1.4 includono:

  • Added animated paint layers and animation clip panel.
  • Added animated brush settings to control how strokes are drawn while clips are playing.
  • Added round capped brushes.
  • Added auto width and transparent taper options to the previous pressure-sensitive options.
  • Added brush volume grid to help with depth perception.
  • Improved performance and memory use of drawings with lots of layers.
  • Added ability to import a Quill drawing in document open tab.
  • Added flatten group functionality (use merge button on a group).
  • Added automatic stabilization to video captures.
  • Implemented Alembic export of animated paint layers.
  • 360 viewer locked image layers can now be scaled and rotated.
  • Selection transform now shows gimbal tool.
  • New option to repeat duplicate selection transform to new animation frames.
  • Changed non-dominant hand thumbstick push down to toggle showing transform gimbal instead of auto-select transform object.
  • Fixed video clips capturing at incorrect speed on heavy scenes.
  • Fixed flipped layers rendering back instead of front faces.
  • Fixed crash when deleting the selection while transforming it.
  • Fixed crash with selection tool when non-paint layers were selected.
  • Fixed crash when starting two-hand transform during one hand transform of the selection.
  • Fixed crash during the application exit process that could in some instances could cause an infinite crash loop.

Per maggiori informazioni: https://quill.fb.com/