Dynamixyz releases an update to its Suite Performer and that 'this multi-view facial tracking.

Among the many new ':

- Ability to advanced tracking and retargeting - the speed of the tracker, precision and robustness have been further improved. The animation transfers retargeter have a higher fidelity and stability, and can take advantage of additional input of users to create a better animation. The software and 'cross-platform support for Windows & Linux.

- Single-View version - SV Performer features a redesigned user interface that introduces a timetable for the visualization of the results and the easy fix frames. The results of animation now come as easily editable animation curves. The software also provides for a more 'natural integration with 3D authoring tools.

- Multi-View version - MV offers a multi-view face tracking. This allows the recording of marker-based and markerless simultaneous functionality, with the ability to export the results as true 3D data.

And much more ....

For mopre info: http://www.dynamixyz...erformer_suite/