The acclaimed softhouse Chaos Groupcreator of V-Ray, upgrade to version of Pdplayer.

Pdplayer is a professional image sequence player and viewer for the 3D, CG and VFX industry, created by Asynthetic and distributed by Chaos Software. It supports most industry standard file formats including EXR, HDR, DPX, CIN, R3D, TGA, SGI, IFF, PIC and VRIMG. Multiple layers can be color-corrected and composed together in real time.
The updates and improvements include:
• Add --expand_env_vars={0,1}, --text_nq
• Add "Scan for New Versions" to the version chooser context menu
• Save Composition As now defaults to the directory of the current composition
• Replace With now defaults to the directory of the current clip
• Add "Open Containing Folder" under Linux
• Fix issue with HTTP server sometimes not starting
• Honor quality for x264 encoding under Linux
• Improve performance for variable frame rate movies under Linux
• Add --attach_nf, --selection
• Enable folder drop on Mac/Linux
• Enable automatic preload after Add Other Stereo View
• Improve Quicktime performance under Linux
• Add --disable_caching_by_default={0,1}
• Improve Quicktime timing for certain movies
• Add support for some 12 bit DPX files
• Add support for MS Video 1 AVI files