Ephere Inc ha annunciato la build di Ornatrix per 3ds Max, plugin per la creazione di capelli, peli e piume estremamente realistici.

Ecco la lista delle nuove features e delle correzioni introdotte in questa versione:

  • New: Ground strands modifier uses "Detach Roots" toggle instead of "Ground" button. It also participates in new global hair detach fucntionality.
  • New: Delete button deletes grooms in Groom dialog
  • New: Added Strand Cache modifier capable of storing output hair and guides if input stops being valid.
  • New: Detached hair grooms automatically store and use cache modifier to preview output hair while it is detached
  • Fixed: Grooms dialog not showing icons for entries in Max 2017
  • Fixed: Near-zero length strands cause popping when meshed
  • Fixed: Crash when reducing guide point count before Edit Guides modifier and brushing guides

Ecco il link all'annuncio ufficiale: https://ephere.com/plugins/autodesk/max/ornatrix/forums/builds/thread_3480.html

Link al sito ufficiale: https://ephere.com/