The Foundry, announces an interesting proposal. For all users who use After Effects, Fusion or Shake, the softhouse apply a disconut of 20% on Nuke. The crossgrade ends before 4pm (BST) June 28, 2013 

Nuke (or the most powerful NukeX) is a powerful editing and compositing, on a par with AE, Fushion or Shake.
Among its features are:
  • Linear colour pipeline and multi-channel workflow, for film grade results and flexible CG compositing
  • Open and customisable, featuring OpenEXR support, Python scripting for pipeline integration, C APIs for custom image processing and more
  • Comprehensive 3D workspace featuring projection mapping, particles, camera tracking and more, blurring the line between comp and CG to help you turn around shots faster and maintaining shot flexibility until late in your pipeline
  • Cutting edge future proofing development, including support for upcoming technologies such as deep image processing.
  • Assist tool for collaborative working.