Evermotion release the version 0.44 of Nox, free unbiased engine rendering.
Main new feature are invisible lights. We also have a free scene for you (Archexteriors vol. 22).
No more obstacle-lights in front of the camera. NOX 0.44 introduces invisible lights.
Geometry that emits light will not be directly visible to the camera. It can still be visible in reflections. This feature is usefull when you need to add an extra light to the scene to lit up some object, but you don't want it to obstacle other objects. We also fixed a number of bugs in this release
As a bonus we are giving you free NOX scene - hacienda from Archexteriors vol. 22

For Nox download you see: http://www.evermotio...x-0-44-released
For scene download see: http://goo.gl/g4b8vH