It  been released 0.42 of Nox, Unbiased render engine.
What is Nox?
NOX is a free stand-alone, physically-accurate state-of-an-art renderer. Its engine is based on unbiased methods. Global illumination is evaluated using Path Tracing or Bidirectional Path Tracing. Light behavior is based on laws of physics, however some simplifications occur. Many post-production actions can be done in NOX internally, so no additional software is necessary. NOX works with scenes created and imported from 3ds Max, Blender and Cinema4D.

In this new release:

 + Blender: Import NOX Material and Run NOX Material Editor fixed
+ Blender: rendering with modifiers is now possible without Applying them. Note: you still need to apply modifiers to particle objects before rendering with NOX.
+ 3ds Max: fixed scene loading bug
+ Rendering engine: Bidirectional Path Tracing (BDPT) and Path Tracing (PT) engines fixed, render result in both cases should be the same
+ Rendering engine: reflections on fake glass in BDPT now work correctly
+ GUI: added Options tab
+ GUI: fixed mouseover events on some controls
+ Experimental OpenCL post-processing for Post and Correction Tabs. Option can be set in Options tab.
+ New option: Autoreload textures that were changed in external editor. Option can be set in Options tab
For more info and download, please see :