The staff is proud to announce the release of the new Gallery where all registered users have the opportunity to create it's own portfolios.
Below the list of new introduced features:
Portfolio with custom domain
Uploading their projects in our gallery each registered user can create it's own portfolio.
Each project is composed by one or more pictures (the main picture and a series of related images that give a more detailed view of the work done).
Each Portfolio have three main sections: 'Projects', 'WIP' and 'About' which displays all information about the user.
The name chosen during the registration becomes the domain of the portfolio which will then be accessible at
h t t p : / /
If you want you can modify your current name (and then the url) logging into the 'Control Panel'.
Section About
This section displays the information entered by the user in his profile.
For users who have a profile in the Treddi Network (professional network) the about section will show that informations.
Any information can be updated by accessing the related section.
Each user can receive feedback and suggestions from the community of opening a discussion on the forum related to your project. The discussion can be created automatically both during project upload of after that, simply clicking on the button 'Create a forum thread'.

Automatic Projects Creation
Each user can add a new project to its portfolio in two different ways.
  • By accessing the Gallery section and clicking on the button 'Add a Project'.                
  • By creating a post in forum Final.
Views and Like
In the User Portfolios two main of informations are displayed:
  • The total number of the portfolio view
  • The total number of likes received in the portfolio
The images with a larger number of likes will have greater visibility.

This is just the beginning ... soon there will be more news that will give you the opportunity to have a greater visibility.

Stay tuned and send us your feedback!!