ABSoft team rilascia la 4° generazione di Neat Video un programma di noise reduction per digital video.

Tra le maggiori novità troviamo:

  • Higher quality of noise reduction
    More accurate processing in scenes with changing luminance or chrominance: fade in/out, camera auto gain control, etc.
  • "Dust and Scratches" filter to remove film scratches, dust, impulse interference (more...)
  • "Slow Shutter" mode for video containing repeated frames (more...)
  •  Better sharpening quality: less halos, sharper edges
  • "High Quality" mode for better detail preservation and sharper image (at the cost of reduced processing speed: 1.5-4 times slower)
  • Optimized workflow
    Several source frames accessible directly in plug-in window provide a choice of frame for profiling
  • Restructured filter settings: better navigation, greater flexibility and easier experimenting
  • Improved preview takes all temporal and spatial filters into account (to adjust filters individually and in combination; to avoid roundtrips to host application for checking the final results
  • "Variants" of filtration to visually compare results achieved with different filter settings
  • New filter preset collection to solve typical filtration tasks 
  • Faster processing and more responsive GUI
  • Preview is updated faster when filter settings are adjusted
  • Multiple optimizations have allowed to preserve the speed of processing despite its greater complexity
  • "Skip Neat Video Processing" option to temporarily disable all instances of Neat Video filters (to speed up editing in the host application; especially useful in FCP X).
  • Added support for new host applications:
    • After Effects CC 2015
    • Premiere Pro CC 2015
    • Nuke 9
    • Magix Video Pro / Movie Edit Pro / Video Deluxe
    • Pinnacle Studio 18.5.1

E molto altro ancora 

Per maggiorie informazioni: http://www.neatvideo.com/news.html#Neat-Video-v4-2015-05-05