Natron è un software di compositing simile ad After Effects, Nuke o Fusion ma, a differenza di questi, è completamente Open Source e quindi scaricabile ed utilizzabile gratuitamente.

Dopo alcuni mesi dall'uscita della versione di Natron 2.1, il software raggiunge una seconda minor release introducendo i seguenti cambiamenti:

  • OpenGL rendering is enabled by default for interactive editing in plugins that support it (but still disabled for background rendering)
  • Roto & RotoPaint: ellipses and circles are more accurate #1524
  • When a plugin is not available with the right major version, use the smallest major version above for better compatibility (before that change, the highest major version was returned)
  • Natron can now be launched in 32-bits mode on macOS
  • Documentation is now licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, and external contributions are welcome
  • Organize nodes documentation


  • The plugins that were made available as beta features in the 2.1 releases are now considered stable:
    • DenoiseSharpen: new wavelet-based denoising plugin
    • EdgeBlur: Blur the image where there are edges in the alpha/matte channel.
    • EdgeDetect: Perform edge detection by computing the image gradient magnitude.
    • EdgeExtend: Fill a matte (i.e. a non-opaque color image with an alpha channel) by extending the edges of the matte.
    • ErodeBlur: Erode or dilate a mask by smoothing.
    • HueCorrect: Apply hue-dependent color adjustments using lookup curves.
    • HueKeyer: Compute a key depending on hue value.
    • KeyMix: Copies A to B only where Mask is non-zero.
    • Log2Lin: Convert from/to the logarithmic space used by Cineon files.
    • PIK: A per-pixel color difference keyer that uses a mix operation instead of a max operation to combine the non-backing screen channels.
    • PIKColor: Generate a clean plate from each frame for keying with PIK.
    • PLogLin: Convert between linear and log representations using the Josh Pines log conversion.
    • Quantize: Reduce the number of color levels with posterization or dithering
    • SeExprSimple: new simple expression plugin with one expression per channel
    • Sharpen & Soften: new plugins.
    • SlitScan: Per-pixel retiming.
  • SeNoise: fix bugs in the Transform parameters #1527
  • PIKColor: do not expand region of definition
  • Shadertoy: support iDate, add presets, fix CPU rendering #1526
  • Transform & CornerPin: additional "Amount" parameter to control the amount of transform to apply.
  • ColorLookup: fix a bug where output was always clamped to (0,1) #1533
  • Grade: fix a bug where negative values were clamped even when gamma=1 #1533
  • STMap, IDistort, LensDistortion, Transform, CornerPin: reduce supersampling to avoid artifacts
  • LensDistortion: add STMap output mode, add undistort output, add PFBarrel and 3DEqualizer distortions model, add proper region of definition support.

Il software può essere scaricato direttamente da GitHub.

Per maggiori informazioni invece potete visitare direttamente il sito ufficiale su: