Rilasciato MultiScatter un plugin per istanziare geometrie operante in 3dsMax e in giunzione con V-Ray, Mental Ray, Corona e Octane. In questo nuovo update troviamo:

  • New Regular Pattern algorithm with added features

    • You can now setup the initial position of the pattern

    • Random shift is now ranges from -2 to 2 (from 0 to 1 before)

    • Scale Multiplier range limit increased from 1000 to 100000

  • New non-uniform scaling feature

  • Assign object ID inside MultiScatter (only for V-Ray 3)

  • Added Depth Cueing option for Preview in point mode

  • Improved performance in viewport

  • Some Corona renderer fixes

  • Start menu location changed to "iCube R&D Group"

e tanto altro ancora!


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