The Foundry ha ufficialmente rilasciato MODO 10.1 seconda delle tre uscite programmate per le MODO 10 Series.

La novità più importante è caratterizzata dal nuovo sistema di modellazione procedurale, che prevede le seguenti feature.

  • A procedural layer stack with the ability to manipulate, reorder, disable, delete or animate modeling operations at any time
  • Generate infinite variations, with procedural operations that can be driven by textures and falloffs, or connected to dynamically changing inputs
  • Accommodate change requirements without having to start from scratch, with the ability to edit selections and swap out input meshes after the fact.
  • Mesh operation layers to allow you to assign selections, fill closed curves with quads, rebuild curves with fixed spacing between vertices, set material tags, merge multiple meshes, transform UVWs, rasterize non face type polygons, convert edges to curves, extrude a profile along a curve, create spline primitives and more.
  • Sub tools including a Content Preset tool, Path Generator, Path Segment Generator, and Pen Generator.
  • Selection operations that exist in the procedural stack and select content dynamically. Using these you’re able to select elements by border, falloff distance, element index, element index range, selection set, and an advanced selection operator allows you to build complex rules using the Modo Rigging Toolset.
  • Preset Browser for quickly adding items to a scene.
  • Curve Particle Generator to create particles along a curve
  • Freeze Mesh operations to bake the stack up until a certain point.
  • UV Constraint modifier allows an item position and rotation to be constrained to the surface of a mesh.
  • Push Influence deformer to push geometry along its surface normal.
  • A new B-Spline curve type with improved interpolation between points.

Nei video a seguire, tratti da MODO Geeks e dal vimeo ufficiale di The Foundry, una sintesi delle principali feature introdotte in MODO 10.1.

Per approfondire ogni aspetto, è possibile documentarsi sulle fonti ufficiali di MODO sul sito di The Foundry:

Pagina ufficiale di MODO 10 Series

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