Il team di sviluppo di Marvelous Designer ha rilasciato la Open Beta per la versione 5.5 del loro software, con una serie di migliorie e nuove features tra cui:

Keep track of tasks performed on a 3D Garment. Revert back to and/or save versions of different '3D States'.

Merge two patterns into a single pattern.
Symmetric Sewing
Symmetrically sew symmetrically pasted patterns.

M:N Sewing
Sew 'M' number of segments to 'N' number of segments, and edit them as a group.

MCX & Alembic File Export (Alembic in Mac will be available in the official MD 5.5 version)
Animations can now be exported in the MCX format, which can hold larger amounts of animation data and Alembic format, which was developed as an open source library primarily by Sony Imageworks.

Offset Multiple Internal Lines
Generate multiple Internal Lines while using the Offset as Internal Line function.

Multiple UV Guides
Show and/or hide multiple guidelines when manually adjusting UV Guides.

A questa pagina trovate tutti i dettagli sulle implementazioni fatte in MD 5.5

Per partecipare all'open beta è necessario iscriversi al loro sito e scaricare il software.