Released Marmoset Toolbag 2.0 v207 software for modeling viewer and presentation realtime physically-based.

New features:

  • Export to Marmoset Viewer!
  • Material ID import! Apply multiple materials to a single mesh
  • Unity tangent space support
  • Filmic/Hejl tone mapping
  • Contextual help in the form of tool tips
  • Template scene feature for custom creation of new scenes
  • Template material feature for custom creation of new materials
  • Object locking via the outliner
  • New “Material” menu with added options for organizing materials
  • UI and compatibility improvements for Allegorithmic Substance files
  • PLY mesh import
  • Explicit texture input option for transparency/alpha maps
  • Advanced metalness shader
  • Greatly improved TIFF support for 16bpc, HDR, and more
  • Texture toggle for quick hiding of texture inputs
  • Channel selector for specular map & others
  • Outliner selection can now be moved and expanded with arrow keys
  • “Home” button in sky browser
  • Outliner now expands to show viewport selections
  • Sky browser now display directories as clickable icons
  • App window dimensions now saved between sessions
  • Button hover effect
  • Customizable default path for sky browser
  • Better performance on some laptops with multiple GPUs
  • Added a mask control to Newton’s rings shader
  • Faster texture loading
  • Indexed color TGAs are now supported

In more than this release we are also Marmoset Viewer which allows for a high quality representations of optimization packages web-renderable.

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