The SoftHouse E-On released version 4.3 of LumenRT
LumennRT is a complete system for transforming 3D models and designs into rich, nature-filled videos, images and real-time immersive media.

With LumenRT you can:

- Surround your designs with thousands of plants, vehicles, animals and characters
- Perform lighting and time of day studies
- Create HD videos and stills of your projects
- Package designs into immersive LiveCubes™ to share with clients and colleagues
 and more!

Available for free, this new release includes an updated content library featuring 80 additional, real-time optimized plants. On top of this new optimized content, the 4.3 update also includes several new features such as:

- Custom per material reflection quality setting
- Optimized export of large Microstation scenes
- Improved artificial lighting for largely offset scenes
- Improved north rotation value when performing a static export of an animated scene
 and more!
Is possible download the TRIAL version of LumenRT
For more info about LumenRT, see HERE