E-on software release LumenRT 2015.1 software transform your CAD/BIM/GIS designs into nature-filled images, videos and interactive worlds.
New features:
  • Better photometric lighting balance, especially for materials with high reflectances.
  • Ability to move/rotate entire animation paths when not in path edition mode.
  • Improved interactive placement for flying content items.
  • New imported objects main axis setting in the animation panel: allows to fix the look-ahead orientation of objects along their animation path.
  • New LumenRT plugin installation procedure for multiple SketchUp versions.
  • Now compatible with CityEngine 2014.1.
  • Automatically create .bak rescue files when saving scenes.
For more info: http://www.lumenrt.com/
With this update, is also released LumenRT 2015 Trial Version. For the download: http://try.lumenrt.com/