E-on software release LumenRT 2015 (with GeoDesign and Studio) which includes a newly developed real-time rendering platform called Dynamic Immersive Visualization Engine or DIVE for short. The DIVE platform delivers exceptional visual performance and realism, handling scenes of enormous complexity and detail. LumenRT 2015 is packed with feature-rich capabilities to handle the most demanding Architectural and GeoDesign projects.
New features and capabilities:      
  • Enhanced realism with new DIVE technology           
  • Interactive Scene Authoring and Editing        
  • Seasonal vegetation with changing colors     
  • Graphisoft ArchiCAD Integration      
  • BIM attributes and layers
  • Real-time sculpting of Terrains                
  • 3D skies with moving Clouds and Haze                
  • Object Animation Paths                
  • Huge new Content Library               
  • PlantFactory Integration
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