Thinkbox Software release Krakatoa C4D 2.3.2 for CINEMA 4D R16.
New features:
  • Added official support for Cinema 4D R16.
  • Added a new Gradient Channel Operator tag, removed Gradient settings from within PRT Loaders. The Gradient Channel Operator tag can now be added to any valid particle source (incl. PRT Volume, PRT Surface, TP Source, XP Source etc.) to generate custom gradients from incoming channels. Loading old scenes with PRT Loaders using the custom gradient will convert the data to a Gradient Channel Operator tag.
  • Added support for the Cinema 4D Camera's "Film Offset X/Y" parameters.
  • Added support for the Cinema 4D Default Light to match the behavior of the Standard renderer with no lights in the scene.
  • Added support for RealFlow .RPC, LiDAR point cloud .LAS, .PTS, .PTX and .XYZ files to the PRT Loader.
For more info: http://www.thinkboxs...release-history