Spiral Graphics Inc. ha rilasciato Genetica 4.0, la nuova versione del suo editor di seamless texture e HDRI environment map.
La nuova versione sarà offerta con uno sconto del 40% fino al 31 Maggio.
Nuove caratteristiche di rilievo aggiunte nella versione 4.0 di Genetica sono:
  • A streamlined new way of editing graphics based on tweaking options in an intuitive interface. The existing node-based approach is still there for power users, but is no longer a necessity for performing common operations.
  • A new filter system making it easy to for artists to add effects to existing photos and images.
  • The ability to procedurally generate textures for UV-mapped models, including impressive new operations such as texture synthesis onto the surface of a model.
  • The introduction of scripting, allowing savvy artists to extend Genetica’s abilities in intriguing new ways.
  • A host of new drawing tools including a pressure-sensitive brush, freehand drawing, image trace, and the ability to import vectors from other illustration packages.
  • A dozen new nodes, adding abilities such as smart blurs, tilt shift effects, selective focus, and more.