Released Escher 1.2 for Nuke, plugin suite for generation image 2.5D.


More features:

Image Generators

caustix animated rippling caustics generator
skyWalker daylight generator (mirror ball, angular, latlong & pinhole camera outputs)

Technical Operators

depthOp depth/gray-scale image data processing node
normalOp normal vector data processing node
aaOp morphological anti-aliasing node
SHOp Spherical Harmonics processing node

2.5D Shaders

SHader SH-based lambert/phong shader
glossy glossy shader with importance sampling and pre-filtered samples
depthTrooper image-space Ambient Occlusion shader
depthVader multi-purpose 2.5D shader (gradient blur, depth gradient and depth samplers)

Escher 1.2 NEW Deep Ops

DeepShuffleOp Channel Shuffle node for Deep image data
DeepNormalOp Deep Normal data processing node
DeepSHader 2.5D Spherical Harmonics shader for Deep relighting
DeepGlossy 2.5D Glossy shader for Deep relighting


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