Among the main lecturer present to DDD 2015, Dario Lanza share an experience characterized the multidisciplinary.

Described Lanza as a simple CG artist would in fact an understatement. Its activity exceeds the size of application, combining a matrix artistic technique and an awareness of the absolute level.

Trained as a programmer at the prestigious MIT, he specialized in computer graphics with a PhD on Matte Painting from the University Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid, the city where he still lives and works.

Just in the Spanish capital is born the your collaboration with Next Limit, as artist and developer of Maxwell Render.

Despite the technical training, Dario Lanza was imposed immediately as visual artist, working in advertising agencies and magazines such as BBDO, Leo Burnett and El Mundo.Assignments that have led to obtaining many awards in the advertising industry.

His works belong to and are part of several collections and has been exhibited in New York, Hong Kong, Madrid and London.


Visions of the infinity (2012-2013)

In parallel to the artistic and research at Next Limit, Dario is constantly engaged as speaker at conferences and workshops, and publish regular content about computer graphics. Skills that have earned him teaching assignments in Render and Audiovisual Technologies at the University Rey Juan Carlos and the Polytechnic of Valencia.


Poetry of a Computer's Mind (2009-2012)

Dario sums up his ambitions: "I am interested especially with the way digital technology is transforming the artistic production, its potential to redefine the aesthetic experience and to shape our digital culture".

The ability to combine artistic talent, technical skills and qualities do outreach Dario Lanza a concrete expression of the mission of the DDD 2015: use computer graphics to create art, not just images.