Dopo molta attesa è stata rilasciata la versione 1.0 di Corona Render per 3ds max.

Major New Features
 - Interactive rendering supporting virtually all materials, maps, geometry, and Corona features. It uses the same engine and produces exactly the same results as final frame rendering.
 - UHD cache: new biased caching solution. This cache is very similar to the good old HD cache, but it produces less bias, and does not flicker in animations, even when no precomputation is used.
 - SSS and volumetric scattering capability
 - GGX microfacet BRDF model that allows creating realistic metal materials easily
 - Reworked UI dialogs: Corona now uses 3 tabs instead of single one, eliminating scrolling and searching for the correct rollout.
 - CoronaMultiMap texture allows easy randomization of colors and texmaps with instances. It works with any scatter, and with 3ds Max native instancing.
 - Improved Blend material support: it now renders faster, supports nested Blend materials, bump mapping, render elements, emission, displacement, BDPT/VCM, and more.
 - CoronaScatter improvements: controlling density and scaling with maps, option to remove instance collisions.
 - ShadowCatcher improvements: added more texture inputs, bump mapping, light lluminators, more reflection controls.
 - Uninstaller and Licensing server included in the installer.

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