Dopo molto lavoro, viene rilasciata la 2°Alpha del plugin Corona per Cinema4D. Fissati molti problemi, importazione del core Corona 1.0 all'interno di Cinema4D e molte altre importanti caratteristiche.


  • Added multipass support (render elements)
  • Added Blend and Portal materials
  • Improved stability of animations
  • Uses Corona 1.0 core (with all its stability, performance, and rendering quality  improvements)
  • UHD cache (with save/load support)
  • Reworked render settings UI to match 3ds max version more closely
  • Interactive colormapping
  • Improved logging

Minor changes

  • Added support for camera clipping
  • Added support for custom aperature shape
  • Added “Lock sampling pattern” option
  • Added basic system-wide preferences (as opposed to scene-wide)
  • Added possibility to override various camera properties from global settings
  • Sun intensity is now independent of its size
  • Added Enable/Disable control to Sun
  • Removed logging output during preview rendering

Main bug fixes:

  • Fixed crashes in animations
  • Fixed incorrectly applied gamma correction on shaders in glossiness/IOR
  • Fixed problem with missing objects in interactive rendering
  • Fixed empty log entries
  • Fixed frontal texture mapping
  • Fixed freezes when using original C4D scene for material preview
  • Partially fixed problems with 3D shaders used on sky
  • Fixed problems with material selections

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