Rilasciato Clarisse IFX 2.0 software high-end 2D/3D per compositing, layout, animazione e 3d rendering engine.

In questa nuova release troviamo:

Volume Rendering and OpenVDB support
Deep Output support
Double sided and vector displacement
Displacement stitching
Improved sampling quality
High sample value clamping controls
New per-item render flags
Ray Switch
Support Color
Extract Geometry Properties
Normal input/output
Implicit point cloud in combiners
OpenColorIO Support
Real-time 2D/3D LUT display correction
Real-time display exposure control
2D/3D LUT texture map correction
New LUT Manager
Groups support in Combiners and Scatterers
Scatterer Improvements
New 3D Manipulators
New 3D Clone Stamp
1:1 Maya compatible kinematics
e moltissimo altro ancora!!