CGLibs: Smart Libraries for Computer Graphics
Pisa 3-5, June 2013
Behind a great application there is a great library! That set of functionalities and those concepts that are common to so many applications on the same domain and that we should keep rewriting if we did not have libraries. CGLibs is a series of intensive courses on 6 great open source libraries for Computer Graphics, written and maintained by well known scientists and made available to everyone!
General purpose computation:
Eigen ( - speaker Gael Guennebaud )
ViennaCL ( - speaker Florian Rudolf)
OpenSlam- g2o ( - speaker Giorgio Grisetti)
3D Geometry
VCGLib ( - speaker  Paolo Cignoni 
PCL ( - speaker lexandru Ichim and Federico Tombari
3D graphics for the web
Spidergl ( - speaker Marco Di Benedetto
More CGLibs Events 
Call for posters
CGLibs aims at blurring the border between scientific exploration and practical applications which make an intense use of visual computing, and a wide open poster session will be the perfect place where to discuss new ideas, new products, or ideas for new products
Meshlab 2.0
There will be a special session on Meshlab 2.0: how it works and how to write plugin for it.
Award for best Computer Graphics thesis.
The prize is promoted by Eurographics Italian Chapter ( and it will be presented in a special session of CGLibs.
Registration (euros)
Before April 30th 
Eurographics Member: 250 
Non Member: 280 
Eurographics Student Member: 130 
Student non Member: 160 
After April 30th and on-site

Eurographics Member:   270
Non Member:   300
Eurographics Student Member:  150
Student non Member:   180