CentiLeo è un nome nuovo nell'affollatissimo parco di soluzioni relative ai motori di rendering per 3ds Max. Si tratta nello specifico di un GPU renderer CUDA-based che si propone come "interactive massively out-of-core", ossia in grado di gestire con grande disinvoltura scene anche molto impegnative dal punto di vista delle geometrie presenti.

CentiLeo è attualmente disponibile nella versione v0,4 alpha per 3ds Max, anche se gli sviluppatori promettono a breve il rilascio del plugin anche per Cinema 4D.

A seguire le feature attualmente presenti in CentiLeo alpha v0.4 e le principali limitazioni


  • Out-of-core geometry (supports many polygons)

  • Out-of-core and out-of-RAM textures

  • Adaptive displacement mapping

  • Noise aware path tracing

  • Specific Metropolis sampler with firefly killer

  • Instancing of geometry

  • Fast support of dynamic scenes and interactive modeling

  • Flexible shader infrastructure and currently implemented shaders of file texture, procedural noise, binary math, falloff, triplanar projection, color correction, blend, const, HDRI (only for environment maps). 

  • Powerful Standard CentiLeo Material with 2 reflection lobes (potentially anisotropic) and Multi Material container.

  • Light sources with assignment to different layers of materials (visible to reflection, diffuse, etc.).

  • AOVs/Render passes infrastructure to generate them all in parallel. Currently only light group passes are in publicly available package.

  • Fully interactive 3ds Max plugin which reacts to user modeling activity in 3ds Max while the image is rendered.

  • Bump mapping can be applied on top of displacement mapping solution and can be combined with bluish normal maps.

  • Arbitrary output image resolution (as soon as it fits to CPU RAM).


  • Up to 30 total ray bounces and up to 10 diffuse ray bounces.
  • Up to 16K textures.
  • NVIDIA only GPUs with compute capability 2.0 and higher and at least 2 GBs of device memory (however we recommend 3 and more GB of memory).

Per scaricare CentiLeo alpha version e saperne di più sul progetto potete consultare i seguenti link.