Relesed Brekel Pro Face v2  a Windows application that enables 3D animators to record and stream 3D face tracking of up to 6 people from your living room or office using a Kinect sensor.

Some feature:

  • multi-person face tracking (1-6 people simultaneously)
  • track head position/rotation
  • track 20 different face shapes (including left/right asymmetry)
  • rewritten to fully utilize all the data of the Kinect v2 sensor
  • can run simultaneously with Pro Body 2 sharing data from the same sensor
  • works in realtime, no offline processing required
  • no calibration required, just stand in front of the sensor and record
  • supports FBX formats v6, v7, Ascii and Binary (other file formats coming)
  • export as mesh with blendshapes/morphs that can be used to drive your own characters
  • record pointcloud data in sync for use in Pro PointCloud 2

and more!!

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