E' stato rilasciato BonesPro nella versione 4.70, un efficiente programma per lo skinning operante in 3dsMax.
Tra le maggiori caratteristiche troviamo (from change logo):
– BonesPro 4.70 introduces immense speed up calculations both in core and in the viewport representation.
– Skinning computation and soft body deformations are now fully mutithreaded.
– Hierachy independent skin deformers (Parabones): any geometry in the scene can now be a deforming skin object.
– Lightning fast parametric, hierachy independent skin deformers (Metabones): Metabones can now be free, unlinked objects in the scene.
– Simultaneous “Move Bones” tool for changing bone armatures for one, few or all skinned objects in the scene at once.
– Improved mirror bone/vertices tool
– MaxScript API for new features
– Various minor fixes
Per maggiore informazioni: http://www.bonespro....ro-4-70-update/