Dopo  il rilascio e il successivo ritiro del SP4 da parte di Autodesk, è disponibile per il download il Service Pack 5 per 3ds Max 2014

Ecco la lista dei problemi che si dovrebbero risolvere con questa patch:

MAXX-16439    Backburner jobs are no longer forced to an archived state when restarting the Backburner Manager after a program error.
MAXX-16406    Nitrous faild with Environment/Background Switcher as Environment Map + viewport background Use Environment Background and has been fixed.
MAXX-15867    Layers were not trackable after saveing and now work correctly.
MAXX-15787    Direct-X sharders now works correctly with instanced geometry.
MAXX-15645    Customer Information Program (CIP) was not sending in data properly and has now been fixed.
MAXX-15649    (3ds Max Design 2014) Sub-object trajectories break / freeze after using the Time Configuration pop-up menu.
MAXX-15627    Populate Save-To-Previous no longer causes a program error.
MAXX-15470    Inventor Model Import into 3dsMax - Smooth surfaces no longer become faceted.
MAXX-15303    Backburner now renders if you input a long number list in Render Setup/Frames.
MAXX-15295    The anomalies with the Nitrous display with NVIDIA® Quadro® 2800 (Shift + Move spline) have been resolved.
MAXX-15089    3ds Max export to FBX is no longer missing custom properties on curve controls.
MAXX-14765    The Performance issues with larger meshes and the projection modifier have been resolved.
MAXX-14732    In 3ds Max, the Microsoft DirectX® 11 Shader now reacts as expected, like the Microsoft DirectX 9 Shader does.
MAXX-14662    The regression introduced in 3ds Max 2014 SP3 which prevented the Environment Map from updating with the Bitmap Offset has been resolved.
MAXX-14620    You can now remove Xref Objects when using Populate.
MAXX-14598    The URL for the evolver data has been fixed.
MAXX-14281    Show Shaded Material in Viewport now works correctly in Nitrous 2D.
MAXX-14211    The issue causing a program error at startup with menus (discovered through CERs), has been resolved.
MAXX-14139    SDK: DirectX Shader material UIWidget Spinner no longer results in a Color swatch.
MAXX-13922    Missing plug-in information now appears in the backburner log file for all languages.
MAXX-13647    Now after your first selection in mirror, you can still change to another axis and the geometry will also change as expected.
MAXX-13196    Backburner: Error messages during a failing job are now properly displayed.
MAXX-13144    Scripted custom attribute definitions with resource strings now save their source correctly.
MAXX-12541    You can now use MassFX buoyancy and shape instance operator without issue.
MAXX-12424    The issue reported by CERs (Customer Error Reports) related to Nitrous vertex buffers has been resolved.
MAXX-11841    Backburner now works properly when you have both 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design installed on the same computer.
MAXX-11176    The lag when switching between workspaces has been improved.
MAXX-6865    You can now successfully specify a node twice as a progressive target.