The award-winning VFX supervisor and technical director Allan McKay, releases a series of tutorials (4 + 4) pipeline based on God of War's 'Ash' FX. This intensive course takes into account the whole process FX for creating features based on the film from beginning to end, covering the entire production process for the creation of film shots. This year sees the use of V-Ray, Thinking Particles and FumeFX in 3DS Max.

Feature of the tutorial:

Over 10 hours of - FREE- High-End Training - HD Videos and a LIVE FX Class

  • Download Resources - Supplied Scene Files, Actual Production Scripts, Shader Presets and more..
  • Production Pipeline - This will take an actual FX shot and walk through from start to finish
  • Using Industry Standard Tools - Thinking Particles 6, FumeFX 3.5, V-Ray, X-Mesh and 3DS Max
  • Learn the process..  Create advanced shaders, Rendering techniques, Compositing, Dynamics
  • And So Much More...

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