Autodesk ha annunciato le nuove caratteristiche di 3ds Max 2016 


Tra le principali novità troviamo:

  • Combining 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design into one title: 3ds Max
  • Max Creation Graph 
  • XRef Renovations
  • OpenSubdiv Support
  • New Design Workspace
  • New Template System
  • Camera Sequencer 
  • Dual Quaternion Skinning 
  • Autodesk A360 Rendering Support
  • Physical Camera 
  • Alembic Support
  • Multi-Touch Support
  • Easier Revit and SketchUp Import Workflows
  • Added Support for New Iray and mental ray Enhancements

e molto altro ancora ...

Per la lista completa di tutte le nuove features: