Rilasciato da Autodesk il Service pack 1 per 3ds max 2015 e 3ds max design 2015.

Fixes in Autodesk 3ds Max / 3ds Max Design 2015 SP1:
MAXX-16831 State Sets: Entering an invalid character in an file path would cause states to stop working.
MAXX-16830 State Sets: Camera tracking was using incorrect orientation.
MAXX-16819 State Sets: Render output retained keyboard focus after closing State Sets.
MAXX-16801 The Scanline renderer caused a program error when rendering with more than 32 processors. The program error is fixed but rendering is limited to no more than 32 processors.
MAXX-16799 An incorrect link to movies in the Welcome Screen for 3ds Max Design 2015 has been fixed.
MAXX-16771 A program error when loading specific scene types has been fixed.
MAXX-16645 Save As + and Increment On Save appended "_01" to file names instead of incrementing the existing sequence number. This has been fixed.
MAXX-16640 In localized languages, changing the Custom UI And Defaults to a layout style other than DefaultUI caused an obsolete quad menu to display in the Scene Explorer.
MAXX-16639 and MAXX-1390 In localized languages, columns were missing from the Scene Explorer > Container Explorer dialog, and an error message appeared when resizing this dialog.
MAXX-16636 When using the Exchange Store, the appPackage for both 3ds Max 2014 and 3ds Max 2015 was not installing correctly.
MAXX-16629 Populate: Changing the height of a Seat would cause a character's knees to shake.
MAXX-16616 and MAXX-16537 Localized Startup movies would not play.
MAXX-16569 Customer Error Report: A program error would occur when changing Layer names and then reopening the MAX file.
MAXX-16558 The calculation method of Chamfer modifier > Quad Chamfer has been corrected.
MAXX-16487 A program error would occur when creating two Expose Transform helpers.
MAXX-16408 A program error would occure when loading certain MAX scene files.
MAXX-16394 In Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, closing a Scene Explorer > MassFX Explorer would cause a program error.
MAXX-16349 State Sets: Using the Token menu would add symbols that made the output path invalid.
MAXX-16334 When using XRef Scene and Inherited Containers in the same scene, the scene reference would be lost.
MAXX-16293 In Scene Explorer, adding a Display As Box column made objects invisible in Nitrous viewports.
MAXX-16284 State Sets: Right-click > Clone State Node was not working.
MAXX-16280 Populate would generate an error on closing 3ds Max.
MAXX-16265 Populate: Regenerate was not using the Appearance UI table in a newly open scene, and the Appearance UI > Reset button was not working.
MAXX-16264 The mCloth action table was causing an error.
MAXX-16259 In Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, the Scene Explorer would show garbled characters.
MAXX-16232 iray renderer: Rendering Metallic Paint with a bitmap assigned as a color component would cause a program error.
MAXX-16219 iray renderer: The Autodesk Generic material would ignore assigned maps and render the object color only.
MAXX-16141 Performance is now improved when opening a Layer Explorer with more than 1000 layers.
MAXX-16045 Workspace Reset did not work on Workspace Scene Explorers.
MAXX-15970 Nitrous viewports were not showing map offsets.
MAXX-15969 and MAXX-15968 Nitrous viewports were not displaying multi-layer Composite maps correctly.
MAXX-15958 Customer Error Report: Changing the Material Editor renderer would cause a program error.
MAXX-13950 Populate: Loading a scene with Object-XRef'ed pedestrians would cause animation to be wrong.