Autodesk ha annunciato le nuove features per 3DS Max 2015
Ecco un breve elenco delle novità introdotte, per maggiori informazioni consultare il link:

3D animation
Populate enhancements
Get increased artistic control, better realism, and improved usability with the enhanced Populate crowd animation feature.
Populate crowd animation
Generate moving or idle crowds to enrich architectural presentations with believable human motion, or to previsualize a film or video scene.
Character animation and rigging tools
Create believable characters in less time with sophisticated character animation and rigging tools.
General animation tools
Use a number of keyframe and procedural animation tools for almost any parameter in your scene.
Animated deformers
Add life to creatures and simulate fluidic effects with a number of animated deformers.

3D modeling and texturing
Point Cloud support
Import, visualize, snap to, and render massive point cloud datasets to create more precise models from real-world references.
Easily create advanced HLSL viewport shaders with the ShaderFX real-time visual shader editor.
Placement tools
Easily position and orient content relative to other content in your scene with new Placement tools.
Quad chamfer
Create a chamfered or beveled edge between two surfaces consisting of quads, rather than triangles, to help eliminate pinching.
Mesh and surface modeling
Efficiently create parametric and organic objects with polygon, subdivision surface, and spline-based modeling features.
Texture assignment and editing
Access a number of texture mapping, baking, and layering options.
Shading and material design
Get the look you want for your assets, with tools specifically designed to accelerate the shading and material design process.

3D rendering
Improved ActiveShade rendering
Enjoy a faster ActiveShade preview rendering workflow that now supports mental ray.
Accelerated viewport performance
Increase interactivity with substantially faster navigation, selection, and viewport texture baking.
Stereo Camera
Create more engaging entertainment content and design visualizations with the new Stereo Camera feature set*.
Integrated rendering options
Achieve stunning image quality in less time with powerful 3D rendering software capabilities.
Render pass system
Segment scenes for downstream compositing with a powerful render pass system.
Nitrous accelerated graphics core
Iterate faster and handle larger data sets with limited impact on interactivity with the Nitrous accelerated graphics core.
Slate compositing editor
Perform simple compositing operations directly within 3ds Max with the Slate Compositing Editor.

Dynamics and effects
Particle Flow
Create a number of sophisticated, realistic effects such as water, fire, spray, and snow with the powerful event-driven Particle Flow toolset.
Add realistic rigid-body, cloth, and particle simulations to your scene with the high-performance MassFX system of unified simulation solvers.
Hair and fur
Create hair, fur, and other strand-derived effects such as grass, and precisely control their styling and animation.

UI, workflow, and pipeline
Enhanced scene management
Manage complex scenes more easily with enhancements to Scene Explorers.
Python scripting
Extend and customize 3ds Max with the popular and easy-to-learn Python scripting language.
Configurable user interface
Increase your productivity with a user interface that conforms to the way you work.
Flexible camera matching
Interactively match the camera view of a scene to the perspective of a photo background, or use 2D pan and zoom for accurate line placement.
Data transfer and pipeline integration
Import data from many sources and smoothly transfer data across file iterations, software applications, users, and locations.
Compositing integration
Enhance your 3D rendered data and combine it with live-action footage using a choice of compositing options.
Collaborative workflows with Containers
Take advantage of Containers to collect, organize, and share data in complex scenes.
3ds Max SDK
Extend and customize virtually every aspect of the 3ds Max application with the comprehensive 3ds Max SDK (Software Development Kit).