Rilasciato 3DF Zephyr Pro v1.5 software di modellazione image-based. Tra le novità di questa release troviamo (changed log):

+ Core improvements: both the structure from motion and the multiview stereo phases have been substantially improved for better accuracy and faster computation.
+ added Texture tool: generated textures are now manageable in the workspace
+ added FBX support (Zephyr Pro only)
+ added confidence Tool (Zephyr Pro only)
+ added the “Human Body” preset (suitable for full human body scans as well as closeups)
+ added Upload to YouTube option when recording videos
+ Revamped 3DF Masquerade user interface (v1.100 is now bundled with Zephyr 1.500)
+ Fixed a rare issue when uploading to Sketchfab
+ minor UI improvements and adjustments
+ minor bugfixes
+ minor 3DF Masquerade bugfixes
+ minor IT/EN translation fixes


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