Hello guys, I would like to share with you throughout the process that I did to realize
the image of Spiderbaby for the contest "Baby Comics".
Although I'm not one of the winners, I'm very happy to
taking part in this event that made ​​me grow up so much from many points of view.
Start by saying that I'm not good at drawing freehand, but it's the most immediate way to stop the thousands of ideas that blending in the head.
First I thought about the composition and how to enter characters in the scene.
Initially I wanted to include all the characters of marvel in one scene, but it was a thought sprung from nowhere with the only intent of making the scene.
In the sketch I drew Spiderman hanging from the ceiling, and from here came the decision to create a camera upside down (actually in the composition of 3D objects have been turned upside down).
In the scene I would have included Spiderman hanging from the ceiling that steals the biberon (originally a teddy bear) to Goblins.
I started modeling from "Spiderbaby." For the realization of the characters always work for symmetry by modeling only half of the body.
The choice has been to emphasize the figure spiderman baby trying to enlarge the head in proportion to the body (the same approach for Goblin character).
The main difficulty in modeling was to give the right shape to the eyes, the problem born from the fact that over the years have adopted different styles to draw spider man, and as a result I had to make a choice trying to give the shape of the eyes last movies.
For textures of spiderman I thought it would be nice to insert a pattern of spiders in the pajamas.

In texturing phase I've applied in addition to the common maps which act solely on the color of the polygonal surface, also displace the maps, especially as regards the head.
Spiderman has small webs in relief in the form, and shape them manually polygon by polygon could become a long and unprofitable. For this reason, using maps and displace increasing the number of polygons in the model, I was able to give the definition that I wanted in this particular. 


Once I started modeling carried out under the rig and skin to try to find a proper posture with respect to the action.
Spiderbaby is stealing a bottle and point it has as a goal.
As for the rig I used the simple bones and inverse kinematics for the controls, the controls do not serve too complicated because the model is not supposed to be animated but used only for dialing.
After being able to give the right pose to the character I've converted the model again as editable polygon to proceed to sculpt phase (in this way you will lose any relations with the rig).
The scuplt primarily used to define all the folds of the pajamas.
The aspect that has taken longer is the composition or the lens choice, the setting of the room and the placement of objects within it.
The intent of the composition is to create an initial sense of disorientation as Spiderbaby seems perfectly upright, but only later you realize that the room upside down and the room is simply reversed.
In the scene I wanted to include a small effect of volumetric light to make more credible the room lighting, but this has resulted in a significant increase in render time.
The result of the 'final image was achieved thanks to the post-production where the parameters have been adjusted for brightness, contrast, vividenza, saturation, and color balance.
Besides, the effects are normally expected "deep of field" has been recreated manually cutting out the figure of Spiderbaby in the foreground, and blurring the more distant parts of the room.
I could have used the program directly, but this would have resulted in even longer render times.
The image was rendered at a resolution of 4100x 2308 pixels for a processing time of about 26 hours.
Thank you for reading the article, and thanks to the drafting of for the beautiful contest without whom I would not have make Spiderbaby smile.